Chiara Ferragni Is Reportedly Leaving The Blonde Salad

The famous influencer is now in big business, and TBS Crew, of which she has become president and CEO, manages the portal as well as producing digital content for others. Nevertheless, “the core business is the talent agency that represents me and my sister Valentina: it absorbs only 40% of the costs but accounts for 90% of our revenue”

For many outside the social media universe, this woman currently worth €30m – but the figure is set to rise next year – is still little more than a blogger engaged to a rapper. Perhaps blinded by snobbery, they fail to see just how important she has become. The first to realize was Harvard Business School, for whom Chiara Ferragni has for some time been an entrepreneur with a classic case history, (already) worthy of study. A couple of years later, last September, they were joined by Forbes, which decreed that the 30-year-old from Cremona was the most powerful fashion influencer in the world. For the magazine, the ability to dictate trends (in fashion, in this case) was the mark of a leader, and it acknowledged that a blog can be used to forge a new union between media and business and form the basis of an empire in the 4.0 economy.

In the meanwhile, between two invitations to Harvard and recognition from Forbes, the number of her followers on Instagram grew, her company grew, and she grew up. Chiara Ferragni will always be a blogger, and increasingly a global influencer, but since October, she announced in this interview, she has also become president and CEO of TBS Crew (from The Blonde Salad, the blog behind it all). Until then, the post had been held by Riccardo Pozzoli, her ex-boyfriend from the time before Fedez (with whom she is expecting a child). Nevertheless, the complications prompting her to revolutionize everything are unlikely to have been “sentimental” in nature.

Maybe not in Italy, but elsewhere she is already considered above all a businesswoman, given the seal of approval by Harvard, no less. It’s true that there is always something else to prove, but if the world’s leading business school invites you to speak twice and studies the “Chiara Ferragni model” as a prototype of the new digital economy, what need is there to also be a CEO? Why bore yourself with the daily running of the company?

“Because it was run was a little too much like a family business. It’s hardly surprising, since I was just over 20 years old when I started the blog and 26 when, with the birth of Instagram in 2013, the breakthrough came. Suddenly, The Blonde Salad became a phenomenon with one million followers all over the world”.


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